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HiTrack Features

HiTrack is the cutting-edge of EHDI Data Management. The HiTrack database is built around a dynamic framework to provide the logic needed for managing the complex requirements of EHDI tracking and follow-up. The HiTrack offers a task-oriented user interface and is designed for maximum customization and flexibility.

Hearing Screening Protocol Engine™

HiTrack's Hearing Screening Protocol Engine™ is a rule-based system that governs how infants are tracked. HiTrack automatically suggests the "next step" needed for each baby being tracked through the screening and follow-up process based on administrator user configuration. Users can select a protocol to best suit their facility's data tracking needs. Both two-stage screening and single stage (A-ABR only) protocols are available.


  • Access rights can be administrated by creating User Groups and Users
  • Facilities and their specific equipment can be entered and modified
  • Physicians, screeners and audiologists can be entered and modified
  • Alternate IDs for medical personnel can be entered to help facilitate linking with third-party screening equipment software
  • Nursery, language and ethnicity pick lists can be customized
  • Each facility can decide which letters they want to use for Primary Contacts and Primary Care Providers
  • Required fields can be defined for manual data-entry
  • Facility Groups can be defined for reporting and filtering

Facility Baby List

  • Based on a facility's protocol setting, infants are categorized automatically for what they need next
  • Infants needing inpatient or outpatient screening can be easily identified
  • Recommendation Templates are provided to help users arrange upcoming appointments
  • Find features and sortable lists aid in locating and managing infant records
  • Built in column auto-filters allow users to work with subsets of data
  • The Transfer filter shows all infants transferred from the current facility
  • Infants who pass screening with risk indicators entered are automatically placed in a Risk Monitoring file
  • 1/3/6 CDC Milestone Tracking, including filters for 'Met', 'Due Soon', 'Overdue' and 'Late'

Facility Group Baby List

  • Work with babies from multiple facilities in one convenient list

Assigned-to-Me Baby List

  • Work with babies specifically assigned to your HiTrack login
  • System-wide Search features allow non-facility users to look up records not yet assigned to them

Child Information

  • Demographic data can be entered and modified for a baby
  • The Summary screen provides an overview of all pertinent baby data
  • Easy to use entry screens for:
    • Contacts
    • Screening History
    • Risk Indicator Assessments
    • Diagnostic Testing, Hearing Disposition and Audiograms
    • Recommendations and Amplification
  • Site specific custom forms help track data not typically collected by HiTrack

Import & Merge Data

HiTrack's advanced Importer and Merger are both rule-based systems designed to be flexible and efficient. Data from external sources are merged in batches allowing error-free records to flow into the central database while questionable records are set aside for correction at the user's convenience.

  • Manually resolve questionable merges
  • Manually resolve unrecognized data from screening equipment before it comes into HiTrack
  • Support for most popular screening equipment
  • Import and merge patient demographic data from hospital data systems
  • Import and merge lists of Physicians, Audiologists and Screeners from hospital data systems.
  • Review Merge History
  • HL7 V2.x Compatible

HIPAA Compliance

  • Industry-grade encryption and user account management policies
  • View logging and user specific patient level change tracking
  • Business Associate Aggreements
  • HiTrack Help Desk is trained annually on HIPAA

Letters and Secure Communication

  • Customizable Letter Templates with stock letters in English and Spanish
  • The Letter Queue is automatically updated as data comes into HiTrack
  • Appropriate letters can be manually requested for a baby at any time
  • Secure Messages can be sent to parents, phyisicans and audiologists
  • Letter history shows all letters generated for a baby or a facility
  • Letters can be FAXed depending on site configuration


  • Baby List Reports
    • Inpatient Screening Report
    • Outpatient Screening Report
    • Infants with Risk Indicators
    • Infants with suspected Hearing Losses
    • Infants Needing Diagnostics
  • Summary Reports
    • Tracking Flow Chart
    • State Quarterly Report
    • Hospital Summary Report
    • CDC Milestone Summary Report
    • Technology Summary Report
  • Custom criteria can be applied to any report
  • Easy to use filter options

Federal Reporting and Extract

  • CDC compatible iEHDI CSV file autoamtically generated
  • CDC HSFS counts and statistics autoamtically generated
  • Annual requirement updates maintained by HiTrack

See our Quick Start Guide [PDF] for more feature details.

Configuration Options

HiTrack Configuration Options

Contact us about even more configuration options!