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Screening Equipment Data Links

We at HiTrack do all we can to help increase the quality of screening equipment links. You as a customer have the most influence on how well these manufacturers link to HiTrack. Let your voice be heard!

Manufacturers' latest software links with HiTrack:

Equipment Version Required Fields* Tracking Fields** Import Picklists Rich Export Tools To Do List Feature
AccuScreen/AccuLink 1.4.7 100% All Yes Yes Yes
ALGO 7i w/ALGOLink 1.3.0 100% All Yes Yes Yes
Biologic AuDX/ABaer 3.17 100% All Yes Yes No
GSI Corti114.01100%NoneYesYesYes
Interacoustics OtoRead 100% None Yes Yes Yes
Interacoustics Titan2.0.1.2100%AllYesNoYes
MAICO ERO-SCAN OAE SYSTEM1.2.0.22100%NoneYesYesYes
Maico MB 11 2.38 100% All Yes Yes Yes
Natus audble Lite1.3.5100%AllYesYesYes
Vivosonic Integrity Screener 8.9 100% Most Yes Yes No
GSI Novus1.17.2193%FewNoYesYes
Interacoustics Sera1.293%FewNoYesYes
MAICO easyScreen1.17.2193%FewYesYesYes
Maico Eroscan Pro113.0593%FewYesYesYes
Otodynamics OtolinkV2.21.0.1093%FewYesYesYes
Intelligent Hearing Systems SmartScreener Plus2 2.35 79% Most Yes Yes No
Otodynamics EZScreen 79% Most Yes Yes Yes
Natus ALGO 5 5 71% Few No Yes Unknown
SLE SABRe 50% None No No No
GSI AUDIOscreener 2.1 36% None No No Unknown

Manufacturers' prior software versions that link with HiTrack:

Equipment Version Required Fields* Tracking Fields** Import Picklists Rich Export Tools To Do List Feature
Otodynamics ILO88 w/HISCREEN ~ 100% Most Yes Yes Yes
Vivosonic Integrity Screener 8.8.1 100% Most Yes Yes No
Natus ALGO 3/2E Color NHS 3/2E 57% None No Yes Unknown
AccuScreen Classic 1.12 50% None No Yes No
ERO-SCAN OAE SYSTEM 7.60.5 43% None No No No
Natus ALGO 2 2 43% None No Yes Unknown

All names, marks and logos belong to their respective IP owners.

*Some of the percentages above reflect fields collected using a combination of data entry on a device and data entry within related software. Contact the Help Desk for more information on a specific device.

**Mom's Address, Phone, Language, Mom's Race and Baby Risk Indicators.

The following fields are required for a link:

Infant’s last name
Infant’s first name
Infant’s date of birth
Infant’s medical record number
Infant's birth facility
Infant's birth order
Infant’s birth weight
Mother’s last name (first name also recommended)
Code/ID of screening site
Code/ID of infant’s primary health provider
Code/ID of screener conducting test
Stage of test: Inpatient/Outpatient
Test Result and Date for left and right ears including times
Outcomes for un-tested babies

Other Data Linking

HiTrack is also designed for exporting and importing data to and from other medical data systems. HL7 v2 Messsage support is available here: HL7 Integration

Please contact us at 435-797-3584 or email us to discuss your needs.

Linking Requirements and Specifications

There are two data linking formats available to send data to HiTrack. The latest XML format is supported in HiTrack 5 and newer and is described by an XSD specification. The older Comma Separated Flat File specification is supported by both HiTrack 4 and HiTrack 5.

HiTrack 5 provides a web service API for data linking: HiTrack 5 Screening Data Webservice API[PDF].

For detailed instructions please review the Data linking with HiTrack documentation [PDF].

When you are ready to begin working on this linkage, be sure to contact HiTrack linking support at 435-797-3584 or email us. Registration information about your product is needed to complete the link. This communication will also help you make sure that you have the most recent version of HiTrack for your testing procedures and so we can assist with your work.

We have years of experience to help you through this process, so please don't hesitate to call!